The Interior Door Hinges How-to

It may sometimes happen that the door doesn’t function properly, opens on its own, or even creaks, so you need to fix the hinges. In this post, we will dwell in more detail on the stage of adjusting door hinges, which is the main one in maintenance work.

How to Adjust Interior Door Hinges

There are a couple of things you should do in order to adjust the interior door hinges:

  • Detect the area of ​​rubbing and squeaks.
  • Move the door leaf away from the frame, then press it tightly, observing its position – it should be placed in strict parallel to the door frame and perpendicular to the floor.
  • Tighten the adjusting nut on one of the outer hinges and change the position of the door leaf so that all the hinges are in place.
  • Tighten all hinge fasteners and check if the setting is correct.
  • Mount screws and hinge adjusting nut.

How to Tighten a Loose Hinge

There are a few simple solutions:

  • Remove the screw and add pack the hole with wood putty;
  • Replace one of the screws (broken/damaged) with the new ones;
  • Coat the screw threads with glue before tightening them;
  • Enlarge the old holes with a drill;
  • Remove the next screw and repair its hole.

In place of a match, you can use wooden golf tees coated with glue to plug a stripped screw hole.

How to Shim a Hinge

In case of a gap between the door plate and the frame, the door will not close tightly. Over time, the entire structure will work loose and will scrap the floor. To solve this problem, you will need a gasket; it can be made from wood chips, cardboard, rubber, or you can use a regular match. 

How to Fix a Stuck Pin

In order to pull out the stuck pin, it is necessary to clamp the lower part of the loop in a locksmith’s vice and or remove the riveting place. When the deformed part of the hinge has been removed, it will be possible to rotate the pin itself using the pliers.

How to Fix a Squeaky Hinge

You can fix a squeaky door hinge using the dry ointment. When using the lubricant, wipe off excess grease to prevent dripping, then open and close the door several times to insert it into the hinge bar before it dries.

Door Hinge Pulling Away From Frame

To adjust the position of the door, use long adjusting screws mounted in the door hinges. In most door designs, the frame is attached to the frame with three hinges equipped with adjusting screws.

A Door Handle Turns But the Door Doesn’t Open

If the latch on the door handle is jammed, then it will be best to disassemble the lock completely and adjust the latching mechanism.

Door Handle Keeps Falling Off

Typically the problem is the result of a missing or loose screw in the house door plate. So, we recommend that you disassemble the lock and replace the compartment with a new one.

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